1. Welcome to my photographic journal post. My aim is to blog and share my thought and visual process that i go through pretty must every day. The element that I love most about photography is the connection to land and the light around us, I find it enthralling to record on every level. Since the start of photography in the 19th century it was recorded using chemicals glass and then on to film.

    So to start of my photographic journal I want to share these images. Taken on my classic Olympus OM1 with a 50mm f1.8 Zuiko lens using 200 ISO film. This film I found in a bag which was expired by 7 years, not just any old good film but rubbish Jessops film, I thought I would give it a burn in my camera. As you can see it did not let me down on aesthetics. Lovely colours with amazing film decay and texture lines, it was a real surprise to see the out come. These where shot on my local beach at Southsea and Langstone, Portsmouth. Taken just after that really bad weather we had. Hope you enjoy and there is so much more to come! Aaron

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